The first “Yes!” has happened! 

What now? How to begin? Because you deserve the wedding of your dreams, we are here to help, from the first to the very last minute, with the Full Planning of your event.

Have you started planning your big day but are unsure of which steps need to be taken next? With our Partial Planning service, we can join you from where you stand and follow through by your side. 

Have you planned every little detail but want to have a worry-free day, so that you can fully enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work? Leave the Day Coordination to us and make the most of it!

Are you just looking for some guidelines or advice on how to get started? We can help with our Consulting service!


You are the guides for this whole experience. We adapt to your needs, tastes and desires and suggest the most appropriate suppliers to ensure that the wedding truly is a reflection of your personality.

We believe that unexpected situations can happen, but are not obstacles. That is why we take effort in knowing every detail surrounding an event, so that we can make plans which adapt to any circumstances. In both our Full Planning and Partial Planning services we guarantee our presence during the wedding day, so that each moment flows organically and harmoniously.

Full Planning

Definitely our favourite service, as it allows us to be a part of your storyline from “Once upon a time” to “And they lived happily ever after”. We know that organising a truly unique and special day can be a long and strenuous task, which can be a source of worry and stress for many couples. That is why we offer to be with you from the very first moment: this way, we know you and your story, in order to help you make your dream day come true and allowing you to enjoy the planning experience in a relaxing, and even fun, way!

Partial Planning

Ideal for couples who already found a few suppliers but want a professional to help them through the next steps. After we know you and the suppliers you hired a bit better, we are ready to get to work and help you build a magical day.

Day Coordination

A wedding is a unique event, which marks a new stage in a couple’s life. However, it is very common that the stars of this day spend more time ensuring every detail is in place and that their guests are being taken care of, than actually enjoying the fruits of their labour and dedication.

Because we feel this very special day should be lived to the fullest, we offer you the Day Coordination service. This is an ideal solution for couples who organised every single detail and want to reap the benefits of all of their hard work, with no added concerns on the day itself.


Would you like some help getting started? Are you full of ideas but also questions on which steps to take? We have the knowledge and the will to advise you on the best options and concepts to make your day, and its planning, a truly personal experience.

It is a custom made service, in which you can count on our support for an hour or as many as you would like!