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Welcome to Made in Dreams! Are you planning a wedding, baptism or another celebration in the Lisbon or Setubal Districts? We want to be a part of your story, to inspire, create and make a difference. Shall we start building your dream? Contact us!

 Our Story

It all started with two old friends (older than they care to admit): Raquel and Isa.

Raquel Margato

Raquel has always had a hard time holding still. As such, she has two bachelor degrees: in Early Childhood Education and Communicational Science. She’s passionate about idealising and developing different types of projects, and believes that nothing is impossible, with a little effort and imagination. And, if the desire to work in event planning is not a recent one, it was only in 2018 that the “Made in Dreams” side of it came to life, when planning her own wedding.

Isa Oliveira

Because strength lies in numbers, in comes the second half of this adventure.

Isa has always dreamt of creating something from scratch, something with her DNA, which she could identify herself 100% with. She has a bachelor degree in Marketing, and all of her professional experiences have included logistics and public relations. It is in this type of work that she feels the happiest. So, naturally, when Raquel invited her to take part of a project that included both of these aspects, the answer could only be “I do”.

So, “Made in Dreams” was born: from the will to make it happen, to create and bring ideas and dreams into reality. It is through the teamwork of two very different people, who complement each other to bring out what is best in them, that truly special, unique and, above all, personal events are created.

The things we do best!

We leave nothing to chance and follow each event from the first to the last minute.


The baptism is a moment of great significance for Christian families, a symbol of a new life that deserves a remarkable and truly special celebration.


You are the guide for this whole experience: we adapt to your needs, tastes and desires, and we suggest the most suitable suppliers to ensure that the wedding is a reflection of your personality.

Destination Weddings

With the distance and different cultures, the degree of difficulty increases and that is why we are here to accompany you with each step, so that the distance is close.

Other Events

Do you have a dream that is not on our list of services? Talk to us and together we will come up with the best solution for this to become a reality!

The story is yours, leave the work to us!

Stories made of dreams!


We commit our hearts and souls into each event, focusing solely on its planning and logistics. We prefer to let each professional do what they excel at and, as such, we count on the support of the best suppliers of every field. This way, we avoid distractions and can fully concentrate on making our clients’ dreams real.


We like to clarify each step of the organisational process. This is why we are open about the identities and ideologies of our partners, creating a trust based relationship between everyone involved.

We believe that honesty is the best path for a good relationship with our clients. As such, we vow to give sincere advice, keeping in mind the success of the event and the fulfilment of what was idealised.


We are always willing to learn and improve with each client. So we strive to listen to every idea and request with the utmost attention, without preconceptions or prejudice of what an event “should be”.

Our main goal is to allow for an open, simple and relaxed communication, so that our clients feel comfortable to approach us with any question or suggestion they might have along the way.


An imperative part of your event and a guarantee of our service.

Because Happiness is catching, we always work with a sense of humor and an easy smile, to assure you that it is possible to be part of a big endeavour while keeping calm and good natured.


If every person is unique, their party also has to be, so the design of tailored and custom made events is one of the stepping stones of our service. We are used to “out-of-the-box” thinking; we believe that there are no limits to new ideas and that there is always room to reflect the character of our clients in their events. 


We work methodically to anticipate any possible scenarios and ensure that each event flows with no bumps. To accomplish this, we pay attention to every little detail, leaving nothing to chance: because we know that this is what makes a difference in the creation of truly special moments.


We think little actions have big effects. Because protecting the plane is everyone’s responsibility and we believe we should try to make a difference, we do our best to find greener alternatives, to reduce our environmental footprint and to improve each event’s sustainability


Who we are in the eyes of who knows us best

A Isa e a Raquel ajudaram a tornar as nossas bodas de papel ainda mais especiais! Perceberam o que nós queríamos e só tivemos de nos divertir.

Rita Cordeiro e Rafael Rocha

Super queridas e profissionais. Adorei tudo do início ao fim. Obrigada Made in Dreams for making my dreams come true.

Marta Maia

Made in Dreams, obrigada pelo profissionalismo e dedicação. A Raquel e a Isa estiveram sempre disponíveis e prontas para o que precisasse. Fizeram com que tudo se tornasse mais simples. Mais uma vez obrigada.

Ana Filipa Pereira

É difícil confiar um dia tão importante a outra pessoa, mas quando encontramos boas profissionais, passa a ser fácil. Um grande obrigada à Made in Dreams, pelo apoio e pela dedicação com que nos acompanharam.
Cátia Rodrigues e Cláudio Santos

Uma dedicação e profissionalismo acima da média. Totalmente abertas a novas ideias e experiências e com uma energia contagiante!
Francisco Ferreira Gomes

Uma dupla incrível de trabalhar. Sem dúvida as mais divertidas e animadas mas ao mesmo tempo o mais profissionais possível. Foi um prazer desenvolver este projecto convosco.

Manuel e Joana

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