Destination Weddings

Portugal is, and has been for years now, a premium tourist destination: The sunny weather, the incredible food and the welcoming people make our country a completely irresistible place! As such, it is no wonder that the number of Destination Weddings in portuguese soil has increased substantially over the last few years. 

Organising a wedding is no easy task, even if you live close enough to take care of everything in person. With distance and different cultures, it gets even harder and that is why we are here to be with you every step of the way, so that what is far seems to be a step away.

Shall we start building your dream?


The country is chosen, what now? Leave it to us!

You are the guides for this journey. We adapt to your needs, tastes and desires and suggest the most appropriate suppliers to ensure that the wedding truly is a reflection of your personality.

We help you throughout the whole planning experience, from the choice of the best venues until the last guest goes home: we propose to be with you from the very beginning, so that we know you and your story and so that we are a part of it from “Once upon a time” to “And they lived happily ever after”

Shall we start building your dream?


Do you need help getting started? Would you like to know everything about weddings in Portugal, before you launch yourselves into this amazing adventure? This is a custom made service, in which you can count on our support for an hour or as many as you would like!

We have the knowledge and the will to advise you about the best options and concepts to make your day, and its planning, a truly personal experience, with a little taste of Portugal

Shall we start building your dream?